Shirdi Attractions


Sai Teerth Theme Park

Experience a magical holy journey only at Sai Teerth, India’s first immersive theme park dedicated to the most worshipped secular saint of all times – Saibaba.
Four custom-built, world-class themed attractions are all set to amaze visitors with size and power of experience created within each of them. Travel to all the holy lands of India and visit all the famous pilgrimage sites like Badrinath, Dwarka, Siddhivinayak, Jagganath Puri in just 12 minutes with our ‘Temples of India’ Attraction.
Relive the famous historical Lanka Dahan in a mind-blowing, never-before 5-D experience.
View Sai Baba and his life on a giant screen and learn more about his life and hardships.
As the final attraction, get the divine blessings of Sai Baba with India’s first ever blessing experience created using animatronics and robotics – a humanoid show like never before.

Water park

Although most famous for its shrine dedicated to Sai Baba, Shirdi also houses the Shirdi Water Park. This destination has a number of thrilling rides and activities which are equally enjoyable for children and adults alike. Located about 1 kilometres away from Hotel Sai Chhatra, this destination is a much-needed respite from the heat and is a fun filled way to spend some time with near and dear ones

Sai Heritage Village

Sai Heritage Village offers you a unique combination of Baba’s Blessings & Nature’s Goodness…of Pilgrimage & Picnic.

It reflects the life of Baba & Shirdi Villagers during the Sai Baba’s time. This is unique in Nature. All the major events in Baba’s life and Baba’s leela & Life Style of Shirdi Villagers, are created in the form of Statue. Baba’s Palkhi Scene, Babs Serving food to devotees, Medicating to needy & poor people, and many more events are made live at ”Sai Heritage Village”.

Upasani Maharaj Ashram Sakori

Upasni Maharaj began residing in Sakori, a place nearly five kilometers from Shirdi, during July 1917. When Sai Baba dropped His physical form in 1918 Sakori, a small poor village, had already become spiritually rich, with the presence of Upasni Maharaj and a growing fleet of disciples. Maharaj looked after the last rites of Sai Baba as His chief disciple. Maharaj always welcomed hardships. Once in 1921 He locked Himself inside a small bamboo cage. The cage was too small for such a stout person like Maharaj and He was most cramped inside. He said He suffered for the release of His disciples, and was standing as a surety in the divine court for their release. Over thirteen months He confined Himself in that small cage, practically fulfilling all His daily needs from there. The disciples performed His “Arti” and listened to His discourses from within the cage. At last on 31st January 1924, Maharaj released Himself from the cage, and stepped out of it to greet a small child named Godavari.

Chintamani Vinayak Mandir

“There is a pepul tree inside the Sakuri Ashram. An image of lord ganesha is naturally formed on the tree. It is known as Chintamani Vinayak, because of the magical powers of this tree. It is believed that if you pray this ganesha with “Durva and Flowers and put 9 rounds, whatever may be your wishes, it will be fulfilled. There is a practice by the devotees to offer coconut to the lord in the form of a garland when they visit the ashram next time after their work is done.”

Shri Ek Mukhi Dattatreya

Once the queen of the princely state of Gwalior during Shinde dynasty, came for Shri Upasani Baba’s Darshan. She shared with Shri Baba whatever her wish was. She stayed at Sakuri for about a month in the company of Shri Baba. She returned after her wishes came true by the blessings of Shri Baba. Shri Baba initiated her to build a temple of “Shri Ek Mukhi Dattatreya” around year 1925. Mr. Valimbe was the chief architect and civil engineer working on the construction of the temple. He worked under the guidance of Shri Baba and completed the construction of this temple in 1928. The temple initially only had the photo frames of Shri Sai Baba and Shri Upasani Baba and the “Padukas” (footprints) of Shri Saibaba. Shri Upasani Baba stood on the same “Padukas” himself and then also he made Shri Godavari Mataji stand on the same “Padukas” when she still was a small girl. So these “Padukas” have a very special significance.

Panchamukhi Vishnu ganapati temple

Shri Panchmukhi Vishnu Ganpatiji Shirdi darshan is very aurpicious. This temple according to Sai babas order was conscreated by Shri Gyan Sai Kendra Trust Hyderabad. The protector of Shirdi is Mahavishnu, first puja is conducted for Lord Ganpati. Therefore people visiting Shirdi first darshan is for Ganpati and Mahavishnu which is known as Panchmukhi Vishnu Ganpati. Therefore first darshan one needs to do is for Ganpati and then sai baba.This Ganpati is in the form of Vishnu which has Shankum or Conch in left hand and Chakra in the right hand with Goddess Laxmi sitting on the hand. These are 3 attributes of lord Vishnu.Lord Ganesha is sitting in the posture of aadishesh. That is the reason the temple is named as Panchmukhi Ganpati.


Other samadhis in shirdi saibaba Temple

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